The Story.

I began this blog on 1st of January, 2015. A new start. A new life.

A Phoenix represents a new life.

I have lived.
I have sung (horribly).
I have danced (yet again, disastrously).
I have laughed.
And I have cried.
I have wept.
I have giggled hysterically.
I have spoken.
I have remain silent.

2014 was basically sad. Unjustifiably sad. I drowned in sorrow. In guilt. In apathy. In anxiety. In pity. And the reason? Nothing. Well, not nothing, I had a lot of things to be upset about, but it all summarised up to nothing. And I’m only 14.

But when christmas leapt in, my spirits lifted. It was not like it was a celebrated occasion. It was not like I was religious. If anything, I was, no scratch that, I am an atheist. I woke up, I ate, I slept. We ate cake. Repeat. The day was over. But something was remarkably happy about christmas. I was listening to carols the preceding week. I decorated the tree. I was happy. Undoubtedly, unreasonably happy. Add to that a new year, a new chance, I was excited beyond belief.

2015 marked a new beginning. A year without unreasonable tears. A year of not being a doormat. A year of speaking up. A year of dancing. A year of confidence. A year of work. A year of hope. A year of stars. A year of dreams. A new year. A new life.

And so I made up my bucket list. I rose, like the Phoenix from the ashes. I created my new blog.

My name is not really Phoenix, if you haven’t already guessed.

Phoenix is a myth. Perfection is a myth. Add them together, you get my blogs name.

This was copy-pasted from the post I published a week after creating this blog :- From



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