About the Bloggirl..

Hello fellow earth citizenry, I am an earthling from India aptly named Phoenix because of my amazing mental rebirth in the year 2015.

With 14 years of living physical existence, I am an adorable (forget it), abstract, and random girl with an unexplainable obsession with English words, literature and poetry. My hobbies mostly include reading, listening to Taylor swift, giggling, and being awesome.

Born in the southern part of my country, I now live in one of the most incredible, metropolitan cities of the northern area. I love life, and I especially love mine. I am very, very amiable if you come and talk to me, and will never, ever, ever let you down. (Here’s my Contact Page.) I giggle a lot – A LOT, and I cry a lot too. That does not really affect my awesomeness, it’s just the side effect of having real, unbreathable, sweaty panic attacks. (Read about them Here) I’m still maniac.

I love soul searching, and I’m searching for it right this moment, this second as I write this, because I believe it’s out there somewhere, in the midst of the void of emptiness, and the zeal of everything. (I’m not bragging). That would explain my quest for my life, the passion, the enthusiasm and the vigor. (I’m not bragging a lot?). (Whatever.)

Of course, like any other teenagery person in this world, I absolutely love Nutella. And ice cream, and hot cocoa, and chocolate, and books. Did I mention books? I love books. I love writing too, and my first ever story : The Delinquent, was published on this blog a while ago. Look it up, I’m quite proud of it. (You’ll love it, I promise. )

I am both a cat person AND a dog person, because both of the species appeal to me. I am a both of many things, for example, I love both winters and summers, I love both nerds and populars, both teenagers and adults, both asking and answering, both sugar and spice. Some other ‘both’ people think of themselves being in the middle, but I believe that’s not true. I am both extroverted and introverted, which my MBTI type gives an answer to, as being “the least extroverted of the extroverts”.

Speaking of MBTI, my personality type is ENFP. The Briggs Meyers personality quiz was the best thing that ever happened to me, because it was a HUGE step in my soul searching journey.

And I love playing the piano. And the drums. And the xylophone. I absolutely adore musical instruments and I’d love to own all of them. I also write songs, but they are usually too weird that I don’t show them to anyone.

My real name isn’t really Phoenix, and I use it because I really don’t want to mention my real name here.

My sun sign is Taurus, because I was born on the 25th of April, in 2000. I am in 10th grade right now, and I’ll move on to 11th in April 2015.

I am going to write and publish a book this year. I would also like to start a business someday, because 1. I’m young, 2. Money, 3. I want to become an entrepreneur, 4. Money, 5. I want to meet new people, and 6. Money.

I also have a taste for gem colours, like amber, emerald, ruby, peacock blue, and sea colours like foam blue, sea green, foam green etc.

I’ve always wanted to read minds, and since I’m going to specialise in engineering (Plan B – If successful writing doesn’t work out), I might as well make a mind reader. Who knows?

I listen to a lot of artists, like Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding, Christina Perri, Sara Barilles, Becky G, Paramore, Ed Sheeran, Connie Talbot, Tiffany Alvord, Bridget Mendler, Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz, and 5SOS. But, I’ll always be a swiftie, and Luke hemmings will always be the cutest person alive. πŸ˜€

I am also very, very, very irresponsible, you can ask ANYONE who knows me. They’ll tell you.

I’d also pick staying up until 4 AM over than getting up at 4 AM any-day.

Like any other living human, I have my fair share of secrets. But the special thing about me? I’m trustworthy. I’m super good at keeping secrets, and I’ve talked to people who say “I haven’t told this to anyone, I wasn’t going to either, but I want to speak. I know you won’t let it out.” That feels Amazing.

I like to write, and I wanted to have a remainder of the mental rebirth I mentioned in the first paragraph of this bio. That’s the reason why I blog. If you want to read about it, its : Here.

I’m also fairly optimistic, and I believe it’s possible to actually not hate anything/anyone. If possible, I avoid the use of the h-word anywhere.

I believe I’m awesome, I believe my friends and family are awesome, I believe each and everyone of my readers are awesome.

I’m doughnuts about writing, reading and doodling in my journal. My journal is actually really cool, if you think about it.

I’d read anywhere, everywhere, anything, and everything. Though I don’t really care whether I’m reading in a paperback or kindle, owning a library is actually much cooler. I would like to own a library someday. A HUGE ONE.

Though my favorite poem is Fire and Ice by Robert Frost, I’m a great fan of the nineteen year old Erin Hanson, and I even did a poet profile about her on this blog. : Here.

I’m very talkative, too, as you can probably figure that out by reading this, but…gah, whatever.

And oh, I love sound words. Like gah, bleh, blah, and duh. And nonsensical words like humbug, fiddlesticks, and boop.

I’m young and free, but the very prospect of being young excites me. I mean, I have my WHOLE LIFE ahead of me. I have the opportunity to do anything, everything, to make memories, and to pile up experiences, and values. The very idea makes me giddy with anxiety. (Not making light of the situation).

Here I am,  hoping to meet each and every one of you beautiful souls out there.

My email address is mentioned in the contact page, so see you there!

Loads of imaginary confetti,
Phoenix. πŸ˜€


51 thoughts on “About the Bloggirl..

  1. Adi, the Happy Lifeaholic says:

    Oy sis so sorry I missed your birthday! Hope you had an awesomesauce day! How’s 11th grade working out for ya? Miss you. let’s chat soon, k? :*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Realist Rebel says:

    Wow! this is one hell of a description… and you nailed it!!
    We have a lot in common, just glad you found my blog..hehe
    You have this amazing blog and you aren’t even 15 yet! Cool.
    Never stop being awesome! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. vienna noreen says:

    A fellow 5SOSFAM, Swifty and Sheerio! Helllooooooo. I’m a part of @5SOSPHTeam on Twitter lol nice to stumble on this blog! Keep writing! I can feel your liveliness from the screen of my computer πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Dana says:

    What a fabulous and entertaining page! You are wise and talented beyond your years. I love your style and your positive outlook. Hang into it tightly! Keep giggling AND crying, both are so good for you.

    Liked by 1 person

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